Background: A high-level Chinese businesswoman was arrested in Canada on behalf of the US. The arrest came in the middle of a trade-war between the US and China

Text 1 – Video

Before watching the video below, guess the answers to these questions:

How does the Canadian PM emphasize that his government is not connected to the arrest?

What reason do the “laobaixing” (the general public of China) believe is behind the arrest?

A Berlin  based economist says “this struggle between America and China will define the coming decades”. What struggle do you think he is referring to?

Watch the video to see if your guesses are correct:

Text 2

THe article below is about two Canadians who were arrested after the Chinese woman was arrested. It gives a reaction of an American, Mike. What’s your LC for the gaps below? Click on the link here to compare with the actual LC and finish reading the article.

Mike Pompeo says China should free two Canadians held after Huawei executive’s arrest

The US secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, has said China should free two Canadian citizens who were 1)______ this week following the arrest in Canada of a senior Huawei executive on a US extradition warrant.Pompeo’s comments were the first by a senior US official on the Canadians’ arrests, which the country’s prime minister Justin Trudeau said could 2)_______ a growing trade conflict between China and the United States.
“The unlawful detention of two Canadian citizens is 3)__________,” Pompeo told reporters after talks in Washington with Canadian foreign minister Chrystia Freeland. “They ought to be returned … We ask all nations of the world to treat other citizens properly.”
China detained the two – businessman Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrig, a former diplomat and an adviser with the International Crisis Group (ICG) – after Canadian police arrested Huawei Technologies Co Ltd’s chief financial officer, Meng Wanzhou, on 1 December.
Canada’s foreign ministry said its ambassador to Beijing, John McCallum, was 4) ____________consular access to Kovrig and is 5) for access to Spavor. Trudeau predicted that access would take place “shortly”.
“We are being absolutely clear on standing up for our citizens who have been detained, trying to figure out why, trying to work with China to demonstrate that this not acceptable,” he told City Tv in Toronto.
ICG President Robert Malley also called for Kovrig’s release.
“Michael’s arrest is unjust. He should be freed immediately,” Malley said in a statement.
“Far from being secretive, Michael’s work was open for all to see, Chinese officials first and foremost,” he said. Kovrig did not do anything to 6)
___________China’s national security, either as a diplomat or at the ICG, Malley said.
US prosecutors accuse Meng of misleading multinational banks about Iran-linked transactions, putting the banks at risk of 7)_______ US sanctions. Meng, who is the daughter of Huawei’s founder, has said she is innocent.
The United States and Canada promised a fair judicial process for Meng.
Foreign ministers and defence chiefs from Canada and the US met in Washington as Ottawa increasingly looked like 8)_______________ damage in a 9)
__________________US-China trade war, with Beijing at the same time working to 10)_____________ trade tensions with Washington.