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Month: July 2017

Food and Diet:

Fast food England: does putting a cap on takeaways improve people’s health?

Roziur Choudhury prides himself on offering a healthier alternative at Grillzone, in the east London suburb of Dagenham. Photograph: Teri Pengilley for the Guardian (link below)




Pre-reading: activate ideas

  1. Do you think people in your country eat too much fast food?
  2. What do you think the government should do about fast food
  • ban fastfood outlets (shops)
  • introduce a cap (maximum number) on fastfood outlets
  • introduce a levy (special tax) on fastfood outlets
  • let the market decide

Pre-reading: linguistic choice

What is your linguistic choice for the gapped combinations below?


It is too early to say whether Roziur Choudhury is the future of Britain’s  (1) _______________ fast food sector. For now, he represents its conscience.

(1) flourishing, booming, burgeoning / struggling, waning / lucractive /  vital / insignificant …….     fast food sector


It is too early to say whether Roziur Choudhury is the future of Britain’s  (1) _______________ fast food sector. For now, he represents its conscience.

Choudhury’s smart new Grillzone restaurant, in the east London suburb of Dagenham, aims to be a “healthy” takeaway: golden, corn-fed half-chickens roast _(2)____________ on a rotary grill; chips are fried in low-fat oil; (3) ________ chopped salad is given away free with orders.


“Why would I want to feed people something I would not feed my own family?” Choudhury asks.

At £3.49 for six chicken wings, however, his food is (3)____________  pricey – and the competition around here is (4)__________. There are 61 fast-food joints jostling for business within a mile radius of Grillzone, according to the Centre for Diet and Activity Research’s new “food environment assessment tool”, which offers the public unprecedented analysis of the prevalence of food outlets throughout England.


click here to compare your linguistic choice with the author’s


Food and diet listening and vocab for speaking


Google 1: All roads lead to Bermuda

Reading One: Public Opinion


The article is about how Google tries to influence opinion.

  1. How might Google do this?
  2. Why might Google do this?
  3. How effective is it?
  4. What is your range of linguistic choice for the gapped-combinations below?

“Google uses its (1)________wealth and power to attempt to influence policymakers at every level,” said Daniel Stevens, CfA executive director. “At a minimum, regulators should be aware that the (2)___________ independent legal and academic work on which they rely has been brought to them by Google.”

Google described the report as “highly (3)__________” as it included any work supported by any organisation to which it has ever donated money.


As well as reading the article in the link below, read through the comments and find 4 + that you find (interesting, strange, new, stupid, insightful… etc)


here is the article


Reading Two: Taxes


The article is about Google not paying backtaxes.

Which other companies may be trying not to pay backtaxes?

If Google didn’t pay tax in FRance, where did it pay tax in Europe?


Google (1)_____ $.127 billion bill for back taxes in France ………………………….

Court ruling comes after six-year (2)___________with French tax authority over taxes due for years 2005 to 2010, and could have big implications for  (3)___________________________________. ………………………………

The court added that Google France doesn’t have the human resources or the technical means to allow it to carry out the (4)_____________advertising services on its own…………………………………………….


Here is the article



Follow-up videos

France – same piece of news




Same topic but in Britain:


American take:









Langauge for shareholders: Microsoft

Read the report below from Microsoft’s 2016 annual report. Think about as many words as you can for each gap. When you finish click on the link below

I’m proud of the progress we’ve made as a company this past year and  (1)__________ )about the opportunity for even more progress in the year ahead. We’ve advanced our mission to empower every person and every organization on the planet to (2) ___________ more. We’ve continued to cultivate a Microsoft (3)______________  in which people connect their individual energies and passions for technology to this mission. We’re leading profound digital transformation both for people and institutions. We’ve (4)____________  strong financial results. And we’re building a (5)____________foundation for an even brighter future.

We generated   (6) $______ billion in revenue. These results reflect exciting new product innovations as well as increases in customer usage and engagement across our businesses.



The next generation of ubiquitous computing and ambient intelligence is going to transform every life, every industry, and every country.

What this means for organizations is that Microsoft is their partner in digital transformation – engaging (7)  _________, empowering employees, (8)_____________operations, and transforming products.


Business Model Canvas and Value Proposition task


Presentation (pitch) Aim / Features:

  • You will “sell” your  business model and value proposition.
  • It can be for your current business or a business you might start up in the future.
  • The target audience can be start-up partner, investor, major client, or whoover you prefer.

Preparation Steps:

  1. Watch videos below
  2. Conduct own further research as fit (send a link to videos / articles done)
  3. Prepare and practice presentation (with slides if time or inclination allows, without slides if not)


Business model canvas


Case study (If necessary, look up Pokemon game first)


Value proposition canvas

Case study: (if necessary, look up what Amazon Prime is first)



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