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Month: October 2017

IELTS Writing Task 2: Discuss Both Sides and Give your Opinion

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IELTS essay discuss both sides


CPE Writing for “5”: Book Review (question + example answer)

Read the task below and note the key content points as well as the “detail” within them

CPE writing book review

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Read through the example answer and answer the following questions (CPE criteria “content” = 5)

Is all the content relevant to the task?

Are you, the target reader, fully informed as to the points highlighted in the task?

Book review.

By Lena Vertugina

The name of the book I would like to write about will provoke no instant response in the soul of an average European reader, neither it will be familiar to the majority of Russians, to which nation belongs its author Alexander Sharov, which is undoubtedly sad. “Yozhenka”, as it sounds in Russian, is by all means, one of the most romantic, educating and beautifully written stories ever.

Its heroine, Yozhenka, is a little girl who came into existence when a kind artist (also a book character) drew her with a pencil that initially was a hedgehog’s needle, hence the name of the girl that can loosely be translated into English as “a little hedgehog-girl”. She then embarks on all sorts of adventure, learns to enjoy life together with other inhabitants of the island, also drawn by the kind artist, her father, and, finally, undertakes a dangerous journey across wild seas to wage a battle against the evil characters of the story, who, in their turn, were created by an evil artist, a sibling brother of the kind one. Of course, in the end peace is established and all wicked heroes are cured of their malevolence and make friends with other characters.

The plot being schematically explained, it is worth clarifying why this story, seemingly being quite common in treating the everlasting conflict of the Good and the Evil, could still be still appealing to the young generation of Russian kids. It is all in the idea that we all are responsible for the actions we take, the friends we choose, the words we say to each other, that every page of the book is rich. “Grow up to become a kind artist of your destiny!” – the author hints. Moreover, while reading one just gets so much captivated by what is going on in the story that cannot but experience the whole range of emotions from fear and rage to complete elation – the effect ensured by the fantastic beauty of the narrator’s language. What can be more important than living a book that teaches us the most crucial and individuality-forming things in our whole future life?

Having been the most remarkable book of my own childhood and the early years of my daughters, “Yozhenka” is unfairly little known to readers in our country. I would very much like to see it turned into a wonderful cartoon or even a feature film and carry its charge of kindness and creativity to generations to come.


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IELTS Writing Task 2: Advantages and Disadvantages

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IELTS Writing Task Two - Advantages and Disadvantages

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