Pre-module work: Use a search engine to familiarize yourself with Porters 5 forces, including advantages and disadvantages of the system

Module work:

Part A: Visualization

1  – think about how you might draw a chart of Porters 5 forces

2 – scroll through the following pages to look at the charts and compare your ideas




use google pictures if you want to find more

3 – draw a final chart (using relevant business jargon you have found)


Part B: Case studies

1 – think about your own analysis of Starbucks according to Porter’s 5 forces

2 – RECORD YOURSELF TALKING about it, listen to yourself and think “How did I use business jargon expressions?” / “How did I use signalling words?”

3 -read the text here

4 – compare your ideas to the author’s

5 – make notes of your ideas in comparison to the author’s USING some jargon from the text. To increase flexibility, think about your linguistic choice

6 – if possible, before the lesson, send a Telegram / WeChat oral message in which you present the information.

7 – in the lesson present (again)

repeat for either more articles or further down video:








sportswear industry


more general ideas and examples