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Month: May 2018

Tennis: Nadal Interview

Complete the gaps, then watch the video and check your answers

1 – Who is the most fun tennis player on this _____?

2 – If you __ played in any era that had gone by, who would be your dream _____doubles partner?

3 – Where is (cool) place you’ve played a game of tennis?

4- Desdcribe ________ in one word.

5 – What is the craziest thing a fan has _____ said or done for you?

6 – What is the first big thing you bought ______ with your tennis earnings?

7 – A non-tennis sports star you _____.

8 – What’s Rafa’s ____ food in the world?

9 – When was the first day you knew that’s it “you are _____ to be a tennis player”?

10 – What makes you so special to keep so hum___?



Tennis – Superlatives

Change the below to superlatives then watch the video and answer the questions for the different players

1 – Who’s (tough) player you have played in your career?

2 – What’s the food you miss ____ when you’re on the road?

– Vienna Sausages

– Vienna snichtzel

– Vienna cheese

3 – Who is your favourite team?

4 – Who has the best forehand in the game?

5 – Who has the best backhand in the game?

6 – Who’s (loud) player?

7- Who is (funny) player?

8 – Who is (good) dressed player?

9 – Who’s got (tough) serve?

10 – Who’s got (good) volley?

11 – What’s your favourite movie?

12 – If you were going to have an actor play you in a movie who would it be?

13 – Who is (tough) player you have faced in your career?


IELTS Writing Task 2: Advantages Outweigh Disadvantages

Click on the link below to download the Advantages OUTWEIGH Disadvantages PDF

IELTS essay advantages outweigh disadvantages

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