You are going to practice answering questions in an IELTS speaking test, then compare your answers with another student.

a – Record yourself answering the questions below

b – Compare your recorded answer to the answer given by a 7 level student here

Part 1 – (for students)

Do you work or are you a student?

What subject are you studying?

Why did you choose this subject?

What do you hope to do when you finish your studies?

Let’s talk about weekends?

What do you usually do at the weekend?

What do you think you’ll do next weekend?

Do you enjoy your weekends more now than when you were a child?

How important is it for you to relax at the weekend?

Let’s talk about music

What sort of music do you like listening to?

Has the kind of music you like changed over the years?

Do you prefer listening to live music or recorded music?

Do you think listening to music helps you study?

Part 2

Describe a special gift or present you gave to someone

  • Who was the gift or present for?
  • Why did you decide to get this gift / present?
  • How did the person react to the gift / present?

And what do they think about it now?

——————————————————– (question to break off part 2 and go into part 3…)

Do you enjoy getting gifts?

Part 3

On what occasions do family members give gifts to each other in your country?

Do people tend to spend a lot of money on gifts?

What type of gifts to children give to adults?

At what age do children start to choose gifts for their parents?

How important is giving gifts within families?

What sort of aid do countries give to other countries?

What motivates one government to give aid to another one?