Phrasal Verbs and Collocations – bear

This list is connected with ‘bear’ expressions (phrasal verbs and collocations). Please see “how to use this site” and “anki – downloading importing” so you can make flashcards from this list. There are a lot more collocations and phrasal verbs with bear. I have chosen ones that I think are useful and intermediate – advanced may not know. If you know a few, just delete them after you import them.

We didn’t need to bear the c___(nesti rasxody, pay for) To bear the cost (s) of something
The dying soldier couldn’t bear the p___ (vynosit bol’) He couldn’t bear the pain
The government must bear the bl____ for the bad economy (brat na sebya otvetsvenost) To bear the blame for something
In 1941, the Nazis were bearing d___ on Moscow (naletat) To bear down on something / someone
How is Bob bearing __ after the accident? (coping, managing) How is he bearing up?
Please bear w__ me for a minute (be patient please) Please bear with me a moment
Russians generally don’t bear a gr__ against the Germans (imet zub protiv) To bear a grudge against
America often brings political pressure __ bear on small countries (puts pressure on) To bring pressure to bear on someone
The companies’ joint venture bore fr__ (was successful) To bear (bore, born) fruit (plodJ)
My friends bears a striking rese____ to Lenin (really looks like) To bear a striking resemblance to
I can’t bear the th_____ of dying (it really upsets me) I can’t bear the thought of + ing
We need to bear   __    m_____ that (imet vvidu) To bear something in mind (keep in mind)
The plan does not bear close scru___ (ne vyderzhivaet blizkogo rasmatrivania) It does not bear close scrutiny
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