Hi, my name’s John Aiton, I’m an English  teacher /  examiner / website developer. I’m from Sydney, Australia, but am currently living in St Petersburg, Russia, with my wonderful wife and two adorable kids.

One other fact about me is that I not only love teaching languages (English, Russian and Chinese), I also love learning languages! So, I’ve set up this blog to share my experience as a language learner, language teacher, and language examiner (IELTS, Cambridge) to help people learn English or other languages!

The heading “Learning languages for life” reflects both my lifetime passion for learning languages and belief that we learn language to share with each other our experiences, thoughts and beliefs about different aspects of life, whether it’s booking a room in a hotel, getting an 8 in the IELTS, telling somebody about how you feel and why, or just reading a book or watching a movie.


I hope you find this site useful for your language learning! If you have any requests or questions, please feel free to contact me at