adapted from Alphabet’s website (


5 steps

Step 1: read through part of the Alphabet 2017 2nd Q results and think of as many possibilities for the gaps.

Let me wrap-1)__. Almost two years after the creation of Alphabet, we see the benefits of our focus within Google and Other Bets and are 2)____with the opportunities we have for 3)_______revenue and earnings growth. We are obviously very happy with the ongoing strength in ads revenue, particularly in Search. Our 4)__________secular trends continue to drive user adoption and engagement with mobile devices. Our engineering and machine learning 5)_______enables us to build better experiences for users and advertisers. We 6)_________to see increasing contributions from our 7)___________non-ads revenue businesses. Play continues to be a strong 8)__________. In addition, we have been making 9)____bets within Google focused on Cloud, Hardware and subscription businesses in YouTube, in order to 10)_______serve customers while also building additional and differentiated revenue streams. These businesses are consistent with, and complementary to, our core capabilities and 11)_________our infrastructure, distribution and engineering. We believe we have a 12)___________runway here. Longer-term, we see great opportunity 13)____the businesses we are building in Other Bets. These businesses reflect the incredible engineering talent 14)______Alphabet — most 15)_______in machine learning.  Our revenue growth and Alphabet structure give us both the opportunity and confidence to invest in our businesses for the long-term. We are doing that, while being very deliberate about the focus, scale and pace of investments and 16)_______committed to being conscientious in our use of all resources. We’re increasing investment in areas where we see the most potential, scaling 17)_____in others and 18)_________our organizational effectiveness to make the 19)_____of the resources available. Thank you and let me now turn the call over to Sundar.


Step 2: Watch the video (it starts from the necessary point) to check the actual words used


Step 3: check the answers below

  1. let me wrap up
  2. pleased with
  3. sustained (growth)
  4. compelling (trends)
  5. (engineering / machine learning) acumen
  6. we continue to see
  7. growing businesses
  8.  a (strong) contributor (to)
  9. big (bets)
  10. (in order to) better (serve)
  11. (these businesses) leverage (our infrastructure / distribution / engineering)
  12. a compelling (runway)
  13. we see great opportunity in
  14. (incredible talent) across (our company)
  15. most notably
  16. we remain committed to + ING
  17. scale back investment
  18. we’re sharpening our effectiveness
  19. make the most of (resources available)

step 4: broaden your linguistic choice by thinking of variants for each expression: NOTE: not just synonyms, but other possible combinations in the context. THe first 3 have some possibilities, add to them if you can then continue with the rest


  1. let me wrap up – let me finish / I’d like to finish by….
  2. we’re pleased with – we’re excited about / .we’re….. (positive emotion)
  3. sustained (growth) -trendous growth / ……. growth/ ….. growth
  4. compelling (trends) – significant trends / ….. trends
  5. (engineering / machine learning) acumen –  business acumen / ….. acumen
  6. we continue to see – we continue to ……. / we continue to….
  7. growing businesses –  ……. businesses / ……… businesses
  8.  a (strong) contributor (to) –  a …. contributor to / a  …… contributor to
  9. big (bets) – ….. bets / …. bets
  10. (in order to) better (serve) –  to better ……..
  11. (these busin esses) leverage (our infrastructure / distribution / engineering) –  to leverage …..  / to leverage ……
  12. a compelling (runway) – a compelling…….. / a compelling……..
  13. we see great opportunity in – we see great …………. in  / we see great……. in
  14. (incredible talent) across (our company) –  ……. across our company / …… across our company
  15. most notably – more precisely  /
  16. we remain committed to + being conscientious – we remain committed to ….. / we remain committed to…..
  17. scale back investment
  18. we’re sharpening our effectiveness
  19. make the most of (resources available)

step 5: listen to / read the whole report. Take out expressions you like, build on them with your existing linguistic choice, use them to talk about your business.

click on the Q2 webcast on the link below to watch, or the transcript to read