This is taken and adapted from Miscrosoft’s 2017 annual report. Here is the full report if you’re interested.

Listen – find – practice – use:

Download the audio here: Annual Report Microsoft 2017

1 – listen on repeat to understand

2 – read what you don’t understand

3 – listen on repeat again, pick out structures and go through the 3 stages of activation (repeat and backchain where necessary   / changeparts of the structure / develop according to your life)



We delivered $90.0 billion in revenue and $22.3 billion in operating income this past fiscal year. Adjusting for restructuring expenses, revenue was $96.7 billion with $29.3 billion in operating income.

We continued to invest in innovation and expand our market opportunities, while maintaining our commitment to shareholder return, which included total cash return of $22.3 billion this year.

Our commercial cloud annualized revenue run rate ended the year exceeding $18.9 billion, up more than 56 percent year-over-year. Our cloud growth puts us on track to reach the goal we set a little over two years ago of $20 billion in commercial cloud annualized revenue run rate in fiscal 2018.

The strength of our results across our reporting segments reflects our accelerating innovation as well as increased customer usage and engagement across our businesses.


We prioritized our investments to capture our expanding market opportunities. We are investing for the future with product innovation complemented by new acquisitions and partnerships. We have completed our acquisition of LinkedIn to connect the world’s largest professional network with the world’s leading professional cloud. We are investing to create broader economic benefit and opportunity with our datacenter expansion, bringing Azure to 42 regions globally — more than any other cloud provider. We have the most comprehensive compliance coverage in the industry.


We broadened our offerings to reach new audiences, such as bringing Microsoft Office  to manufacturing. We took collaboration to a new level with Microsoft Teams, which brings people together in a digital hub. We are in the forefront of innovating in mixed reality. We are innovating in gaming with new services such as Mixe. We introduced hundreds of new services, including new cognitive services. We have galvanized the company’s efforts around AI. We inspired new ways for students and teachers to create and learn with Windows 10. And we continued to create new device categories with Windows 10 and Surface, including the new Surface Studio.


we’re continually transforming to better serve customers, evolving our sales and marketing approach to galvanize around five core customer solution areas.

Across every industry in every corner of the world, our customers are using Microsoft technologies to radically transform everything from agriculture to manufacturing, and we are only at the beginning.