THe following is adapted from Accenture’s 2017 annual report (here)

Step 1: Read and fill in the gaps

Accenture’s very strong financial performance in fiscal 2017 reflects the 1)c______________successful execution of our growth strategy—in particular, the 2) r______rotation of our business to new, high-growth areas. We 3) d_________all the objectives in our initial business outlook for the year, driving broad-based revenue growth that 4) s__________ outpaced the market, as well as double-digit growth in earnings per share on an adjusted basis. We also 5 )g___________excellent free cash flow and significantly increased our investments in the business, while 6)  a_______ returning substantial cash to shareholders.

We delivered 7) r_________  net revenues of $34.9 billion, with positive growth across the 8) v _________majority of our industry groups, geographic markets and businesses.

We also reached an 8) i___________________ milestone in fiscal 2017: Net revenues from what we call “the New”—digital, cloud and security services—grew about 30 percent to $18 billion. With our rapid rotation to the New and our 9) h_________ diverse portfolio of business, we successfully executed in an uncertain and 10) i____________ competitive environment and continued driving strong, profitable growth. Our very strong performance in fiscal 2017— on top of our 11) o___________ results for the last two fiscal years—clearly demonstrates that we are executing our growth strategy in a 12) d______ and sustained way. in each of our five businesses and driving synergies across them to deliver 13) ta_________ business outcomes for our clients. We also continue to leverage our 14)u__________ position in the technology ecosystem as the largest independent services provider and the leading partner of many key players. This is why Accenture 15) r________ the partner of choice for so many of the world’s leading companies and largest government agencies. We continue to build strong and 16) e___________ client relationships.  We are 17) e_______ pleased with the leadership positions we have built in digital, cloud and security services. We are in the midst of a technology revolution that is disrupting and transforming businesses and entire industries around the world. In this context, we are working with our clients to apply innovation and intelligence at the 18) h______ of their organizations.



Step 2: Check your answers below, then build your lexical choice. For each presented “gap”, think of 3 options in your context


  1. continued successful execution – continued successful______ x 3
  2. rapid rotation: rapid _______ x3
  3. delivered all the objectives: delivered _______ x3
  4. growth that significantly outpaced the market:   _______ significantly outpaced_______
  5. we generated excellent free cash flow:  we generated excellent _____________
  6. again returning substantial cash to shareholders: substantial ________
  7. record net revenues: record _____
  8. an important milestone: a ________ milestone
  9. the vast majority of:  the vast majority of ____________
  10. highly diverse portfolio: highly diverse ____________
  11. increasingly competitive environment:  increasingly competitive ________
  12. on top of out outstanding results:  outstanding ____
  13. in a durable and sustained way:  durable and sustained _____
  14. deliver tangible business outcomes:  deliver tangible _____
  15. leverage our unmatched position: unmatched _______
  16. Accenture remains the partner of choice: our company remains _______
  17. build strong and enduring relationships: strong and enduring _______
  18. we are especially pleased with:  We are especially pleased with_____
  19. at the heart of their organisations: at the heart of ______


Step 3: download and import the attached anki deck from here : make sure you do it third stage active style