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Python NLP Task: Put text on one-line

Watch the video to see the task:

here is the text:

This trend of additional accommodation infrastructure and supporting

facilities is again visible when looking at the last section of the map,

the north-west one. A relatively large amount of houses either side of a

road running from the north-west corner to the south-east, where the

previously mentioned hotel is, have seen the addition of two more.

The tendency of developing supporting facilities for

accommodation can be seen here as well in the extension of a road running

west off the main diagonal one. Another two houses were added to this

extension, bringing the number of houses next to this road to six.

Preposition quiz

Presentation analysis / power of believing

Jack Ma famously said we should not focus on giving our children knowledge, we should focus on them believing in themselves. In her talk, Ms Dweck expounds on her views as to how this can be achieved/

1: watch and react to ideas

2 – watch a second time / read pausing and answering the questions below
0:13 (time in transcript)
a – what is the very first hook sentence used by the speaker? How does she give emphasis with her voice
b – what do you think about the anecdote that follows
c – How does she use adjectives when talking about the experiment with 10 year-olds?
d – What do you think about the rhetoric question delivery at
e – How does she use repetition to emphasise the difference between the two groups?
3:13 – 4:02f – Does she use too many questions? How well does she deliver them?6:36g – do her examples sell her idea?

3 – read the transcript / watch a third time to make a note of
rhetorical questions / pauses/ sentence stress / imperatives / strong adjectives / subject (we, you, they)   / hand gestures / eye-contact with audience

Presentation skills: Sell a medical service

You’ve probably heard of presentations, one of which we’re going to look at today. In this one we’re going to focus on how the speaker, Doctor Leana Wen, “sells” her idea to you, the audience. Which audience? A casual one that may not be that interested in the topic. Just like you.

Below you have the information on the general idea of the speech. How does it attract our attention?

Wouldn’t you want to know if your doctor was a paid spokesman for a drug company? Or held personal beliefs incompatible with the treatment you want? Right now, in the US at least, your doctor simply doesn’t have to tell you about that. And when physician Leana Wen asked her fellow doctors to open up, the reaction she got was … unsettling.

You will have noticed some of the following things used:

a- questions, including a NEGATIVE question

b – “You / your”

c – emphatic words (right now / simply)

d – negativity (beliefs incompatible with / unsettling)

e – unfinished / unclear ideas (………. ) = mystery

Here is the title. Notice anything?

What your doctor won’t disclose

This is the doctor:

Here is the beginning of her speech. Can you see similar things (devices), or do you see a different approach? Do you think they match her dress / make-up / hairstyle / jewelry?

They told me that I’m a traitor to my own profession,that I should be fired,have my medical license taken away,that I should go back to my own country.My email got hacked.In a discussion forum for other doctors,someone took credit for “Twitter-bombing” my account.Now, I didn’t know if this was a good or bad thing,but then came the response:“Too bad it wasn’t a real bomb.”

You might have noticed the following:

a – mystery “they” “someone” “the response”

b – negativity – “Traitor” “be fired” “have..taken away” “hacked” etc

Before watching the presentation, think about why she decided to use this approach / the physical look to sell YOU her idea. Guess how she will continue, then watch!

Click on the transcript button and look for

a- devices like the ones we talked about earlier

b- generally useful presentation structures

Education system

think about your answers to these questions:

1 – the motivation to study at school in England USED TO be “if you study hard and got o college you will get a good job”, but kids now often don’t believe a degree is a guarantee of a good job. Is it the same in your country?

2 – Children in some Western countries are sometimes diagnosed with a psychological problem “ADHD” = attention deficit disorder. They can’t pay attention for very long. Do children in your country have this ADHD?

3 – How do we prepare our children for the 21st economy when we don’t know what it will be like?

4 – How do we teach our children their culture but also integrate them into global society?”

Now watch the video (load on if necessary)

Before watching the next video, answer the question:

‘Machines are much better than humans in specific areas. For this reason education must be changed. What do you think?

Now watch Jack Ma talk about it

TY Python [LISTS]: 5 – Help Uliana improve her adjectives

vocabulary list for the homework task 2

code from video:

from nltk.tokenize import word_tokenize
import nltk

file = open(‘adjectives.txt’).read()
most_common = open(‘most_common.txt’).read()
most_common_final = most_common.split()

final = word_tokenize(file)
is_adjective = lambda pos: pos[:2] == ‘JJ’

adjectives = [word for (word, pos) in nltk.pos_tag(final) if is_adjective(pos)]

l3 = [x for x in adjectives if x not in most_common_final]


Speaking GRammar: “Wish + II” to show you’re sad about the present

Do the interactive speaking video below. When the video pauses, choose the correct answer:


IELTS Essay – 2 questions – Rubbish

You can learn how to get a 7,8,9 in an IELTS two question essay by going through the steps below. Before doing them, I would advise you read the pdf on how to answer an IELTS two questions essay here.

STEP 1 – analyse the IELTS Two Questions essay task yourself and answer the questions:

What is the general topic? What are the specific details / parts of the topic and two questions? What is your answer?

Nowadays we are producing more and more rubbish. Why do you think this is happening?  What can governments do to help reduce the amount of rubbish?

(sent by a student, source unknown, perhaps Cambridge IELTS Practice Tests)

2 – watch the video where an IELTS examiner examines it

3 – plan the ideas  and paragraph structure and / or write your answer.

4 – watch the video analysis of an example answer


5 – read through the checklist below

IELTS two questions essay – Rubbish – checklist

6 – use the checklist for your writing (if you did it)

7 – watch a full analysis of another IELTS two questions essay here


TEOFL Speaking 1 / 2: Give advice

TOEFL Advice question:

Listen to the video and pay attention to structures that give advice:

Read below the basic structure and the actual phrases used in the video

step one: use an advice structure

the first thing I would recommend my friend do in order to shed some kilos  would be to___

step two: support with an  imaginary situation

were he or she to start walking on a regular basis

step 3: “prove” with the positive / negative result

they would be able to become trimmer.

step 4: give second piece of advice

The second piece of advice I would give would be to (implement a balanced diet and stick to it)

Step 5: support second piece of advice by… giving details (more advice)

They would need to (cut down on carbs, sugar and fatty foods


Step 6: summarize

A combination of these two would most likely be successful


Here is an example on how to use the above structures with your own ideas:  First think of 2 key points:

My 2 key points on losing weight:

a have a balanced diet – if yes = you lose weight quickly and feel great

b – do exercise anywhere

Put the ideas into the structures from above:


1 –  the first thing I would recommend my friend do in order to shed some kilos  would be to have a balanced diet

2 – Were he or she to eat well,

3 –  they would be able to  lose weight quickly and feel great

4 – The second piece of advice I would give would be to do exercise anywhere

5 – DIFFERENT: When people exercise, they complete their healthy lifestyle, thereby making it easy to lose weight. –

6 – A combination of these two would most likely be successful


Let’s use the structures for a different topic

My 2 ideas on how to study well.

my two points:

a – read books:  if read  = gain more knowledge and good theory

b – practice more: when people do more practice = they grasp what they do

1 –  the first thing I would recommend my friend do in order to  study well.would be to read books

2 – Were he or she to hit the books,

3 –  they would be able to gain more knowledge and good theory

4 – The second piece of advice I would give would be to practice more

5 -when people do more practice they grasp what they do , thereby achieving better results.

6 – A combination of these two would most likely be successful


Alternative structures for other topics

Giving advice

the first thing I would recommend my friend do in order to  __ would be to

The second piece of advice I would give would be to

I would, without hesitation, advise my friend to

If I were them, I would (probably, definitely) …

The first thing he or she should do is…


Supporting structures

a – imagining or giving  a situation + result

Were he or she to…. they would (probably, most likely, inevitably, likely)

If he or she + II  … they would (probably, most likely, inevitably, likely)

If he or she  + 1 …. they will

Should he or she + BV…. they will

When people …. ., they typically / inevitably / almost always….

b – Giving an example

for example

for instance

one example that illustrates this is…

A case in point is

c – giving a reason

The main reason for this is

This is mainly because

This can be put down to the fact that

This can be attributed to the fact that

d – clarifying

What I mean by this is

What I am saying is that

What I would like to say here is that


***  show how  (after something else:

, thereby + ing

, in such a way + ing



IELTS Writing Task 2: Advantages Outweigh Disadvantages

Click on the link below to download the Advantages OUTWEIGH Disadvantages PDF

IELTS essay advantages outweigh disadvantages

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