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Food and Diet:

Fast food England: does putting a cap on takeaways improve people’s health?

Roziur Choudhury prides himself on offering a healthier alternative at Grillzone, in the east London suburb of Dagenham. Photograph: Teri Pengilley for the Guardian (link below)




Pre-reading: activate ideas

  1. Do you think people in your country eat too much fast food?
  2. What do you think the government should do about fast food
  • ban fastfood outlets (shops)
  • introduce a cap (maximum number) on fastfood outlets
  • introduce a levy (special tax) on fastfood outlets
  • let the market decide

Pre-reading: linguistic choice

What is your linguistic choice for the gapped combinations below?


It is too early to say whether Roziur Choudhury is the future of Britain’s  (1) _______________ fast food sector. For now, he represents its conscience.

(1) flourishing, booming, burgeoning / struggling, waning / lucractive /  vital / insignificant …….     fast food sector


It is too early to say whether Roziur Choudhury is the future of Britain’s  (1) _______________ fast food sector. For now, he represents its conscience.

Choudhury’s smart new Grillzone restaurant, in the east London suburb of Dagenham, aims to be a “healthy” takeaway: golden, corn-fed half-chickens roast _(2)____________ on a rotary grill; chips are fried in low-fat oil; (3) ________ chopped salad is given away free with orders.


“Why would I want to feed people something I would not feed my own family?” Choudhury asks.

At £3.49 for six chicken wings, however, his food is (3)____________  pricey – and the competition around here is (4)__________. There are 61 fast-food joints jostling for business within a mile radius of Grillzone, according to the Centre for Diet and Activity Research’s new “food environment assessment tool”, which offers the public unprecedented analysis of the prevalence of food outlets throughout England.


click here to compare your linguistic choice with the author’s


Food and diet listening and vocab for speaking


Get an 8 + in IELTS Speaking: Criteria for Fluency and Coherence

a – Familiarize yourself with the IELTS “fluency and coherence” criteria here if you haven’t done so


b – THe table below shows how 9 and 8 are different for the criteria “fluency and coherence”. I have divided the IELTS speaking criteria for “fluency and coherence” into the 4 aspects that the criteria focus on. Look at the table below and familiarize yourself with the differences between 8/9. (you’ll notice that for one of them the criteria do not mention anything for 8, this is IELTS, not me)


  Repetition / Self-correction


 Only rare repetition /self-correction


Only occasional repetition / self-correction

Pauses / Hesitation


Pauses only to find ideas and not to search for language (words / grammar)


Pauses are usually for ideas and only rarely to search for language

Cohesive devices / linking expressions


Fully appropriate cohesive devices


Topic Development


Devlops topics fully and appropriately


Develops topics coherently and appropriately


c- Watch the video below from the official IELTS channel and see if you agree that the candidate is an 8 for Fluency and Coherence and not a 9…





IELTS speaking and writing advice PPP

From the link below you can download a PPP I made recently at the State University of St Petersburg. It concerns the speaking, writing part 2 and writing part 1 (academic) parts of the exam

IELTS exam advice – Presentation

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