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Get an 8 + in IELTS Speaking: Criteria for Fluency and Coherence

a – Familiarize yourself with the IELTS “fluency and coherence” criteria here if you haven’t done so


b – THe table below shows how 9 and 8 are different for the criteria “fluency and coherence”. I have divided the IELTS speaking criteria for “fluency and coherence” into the 4 aspects that the criteria focus on. Look at the table below and familiarize yourself with the differences between 8/9. (you’ll notice that for one of them the criteria do not mention anything for 8, this is IELTS, not me)


  Repetition / Self-correction


 Only rare repetition /self-correction


Only occasional repetition / self-correction

Pauses / Hesitation


Pauses only to find ideas and not to search for language (words / grammar)


Pauses are usually for ideas and only rarely to search for language

Cohesive devices / linking expressions


Fully appropriate cohesive devices


Topic Development


Devlops topics fully and appropriately


Develops topics coherently and appropriately


c- Watch the video below from the official IELTS channel and see if you agree that the candidate is an 8 for Fluency and Coherence and not a 9…





IELTS speaking and writing advice PPP

From the link below you can download a PPP I made recently at the State University of St Petersburg. It concerns the speaking, writing part 2 and writing part 1 (academic) parts of the exam

IELTS exam advice – Presentation

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