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Translation Glossary / Terms Base Research Project

a – What exactly is a translator glossary (TG)  (also known as term bases (TB) ?

b- What is the difference between a TG / TB, translation memory (TM) and machine translation (MT)?

c – What TG / TB pre-prepared lists are already “out there on the WWW”?

d – What are possible criteria to follow when creating TGs? How much does it depend on the context / the point of view of a translator versus project manager?

e – How can you use / import into / export from TG / TB  popular CAT sites /tools? (for current ones see picture below)

f – What technical problems may arise when trying to import TG/TB?

g – what tools (platforms) exist that cater for independent TG/TB compilation? Which are currently the most popular?

h – What problems can arise once you’ve developed a large personal TG/TB?





translation tools





Ru-En translation problem : Отказаться от

Have a go at translating the following without assistance, then check the internet to find options. There may be more than one (ortwo, or three) option for each. If so, what is the difference between the options

  1. отказаться от приглашения
  2. вам придётся отказаться от мысли увидеться с ним
  3. он полностью отказался от своих слов
  4. отказаться от всех претензий
  5. отказаться от выполнения договора
  6. отказаться от иска
  7. отказаться от комментариев
  8. отказаться от обещания
  9. отказаться от показаний
  10. отказаться от предложения x2
  11. отказаться от права на помощь адвоката


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