6 step introduction to using online corpus material:


Step 1: 2 minutes

Go to the link below and have a look at the list (don’t start playing yet!) of corpus available on the site.



Step 2: 10 mins

(or more if you enjoy exploring / experimenting yourself, if not, go to step 3,4)

Go into the COCA one on the link below and “have a play” with it to familiarize yourself with the layout.



Step 3: 5 mins

If you like it register in order to keep using it, if not, have fun doing something else!!!

Step 4: 5-10 mins

Start watching any videos you want on the Internet OR watch this video then have a go yourself

Step 5 : 10 -20minutes

Again, feel free to start watching any video you like OR watch and do yourself with the following video


Step 6: 10-20 mins