think about your answers to these questions:

1 – the motivation to study at school in England USED TO be “if you study hard and got o college you will get a good job”, but kids now often don’t believe a degree is a guarantee of a good job. Is it the same in your country?

2 – Children in some Western countries are sometimes diagnosed with a psychological problem “ADHD” = attention deficit disorder. They can’t pay attention for very long. Do children in your country have this ADHD?

3 – How do we prepare our children for the 21st economy when we don’t know what it will be like?

4 – How do we teach our children their culture but also integrate them into global society?”

Now watch the video (load on if necessary)

Before watching the next video, answer the question:

‘Machines are much better than humans in specific areas. For this reason education must be changed. What do you think?

Now watch Jack Ma talk about it