Current Situation:

THe UK is currently in the middle of an election campaign. The Prime Minister, Theresa May  of the Tory / Conservative party, in her election manifesto pledged she would abolish free lunches in schools, with the exception of those for children from poorer backgrounds. They would continue to receive the free lunch.

Background information:
  • Over the last several years the chilldren have been provided a free school lunch.
  • This free school lunch is for the first three years of schooling.
  • After the first three years they have to pay for the lunch.
Your ideas before watching:

Below is a video with chef Jamie Oliver,  whosays he is apolitical,  criticizing May’s plan. Before you watch…

  1. What are the benefits of providing free school lunches for everyone?
  2. Why is it only for the first three years?
  3. What are the arguments against it?
  4. Do you think it should be cut?

watch the video and make a note of reasons why Oliver is against the cut.



Linguistic choice questions:

Read the questions, answer from memory, then watch again:

  1. What does Jamie say to show is he apolitcal?
  2. When talking about how the NHS has to pay for diseases, why  does Jamie use and stress “the NHS is overtly paying”
  3. Why did Jamie choose to say “the school is the frontline in the battle against diet related disease?”
  4. How strongly does he stress “completely” in “it’s (the plan is)  completely short-sighted”?
  5. When talking about how kids with a proper diet do better in the school leaving exam (SAT), what expression does Jamie use “kids that are fed right are 5% …… in their SATs”
  6. Does Jamie use his linguistic choice when talking about the opposition leader’s (Jeremy Corbyn) proposal or the interviewer’s choice?

Scroll down for the answers before doing the discussion questions


Discussion questions:
  1. Do you believe the research findings quoted by Oliver that well-nourished children are 5% better off in their exam results?
  2. Do you believe that, by and large, British children are the unhealthiest in Europe?
  3. How important is the role that schools play in kids’ nutrition compared to the one that parents play?
  4. Does Jamie come across as being apolitical or do you think he is biased against the conservative party?
  5. The three positions are
  • (May: PM / conservative party): Free lunches only for the poor children
  • (Oliver): free lunches for all in the first three years only
  • (Corbyn: Opposition party / Labor): free lunches for all throughout schooling

Where do you stand on this issue?


  1. He uses present perfect to show his life experience of dealing with different prime ministers “I’ve been through four prime ministers” “I’ve worked with 4 prime ministers”
  2. to emphasise that this is not a hidden cost to society, but a clear and identifable one
  3. to create a war metaphor which emphasizes that this point is the most critical
  4. very strongly
  5. are 5% better off in their SATs
  6. no, he repeats “(he’s) gone too far”