In the video, the MIT Sloan speaker talks of his interview with he Executive chairman of Spain’s second largest bank and leader in digital innovation on how it executed its digital transformation. You will hear ideas related to the following questions. Before watching, think of your ideas, then compare.

1 – What six questions should a company CIO / executive ask himself when thinking about the digital business model of his company?



Imagine you’re the CEO of a large European bank. Times are tough. There’s pressure on margins. Customer satisfaction scores are not brilliant. You have a whole lot of new competitors biting at your heels like platform companies offering financial services.

How can you change your business model of providing products such as car / home loans?

What is your digital competitive advantage?

How will you connect using mobile / IOT?

Do you have crucial capabilities to reinvent your enterprise?

Do you have the leadership to make the transformation happen?

Now watch the video (2.39 – 15 minutes= 12 minutes)