Jack Ma famously said we should not focus on giving our children knowledge, we should focus on them believing in themselves. In her talk, Ms Dweck expounds on her views as to how this can be achieved/

1: watch and react to ideas

2 – watch a second time / read pausing and answering the questions below
0:13 (time in transcript)
a – what is the very first hook sentence used by the speaker? How does she give emphasis with her voice
b – what do you think about the anecdote that follows
c – How does she use adjectives when talking about the experiment with 10 year-olds?
d – What do you think about the rhetoric question delivery at
e – How does she use repetition to emphasise the difference between the two groups?
3:13 – 4:02f – Does she use too many questions? How well does she deliver them?6:36g – do her examples sell her idea?

3 – read the transcript / watch a third time to make a note of
rhetorical questions / pauses/ sentence stress / imperatives / strong adjectives / subject (we, you, they)   / hand gestures / eye-contact with audience