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Blazing Trails

Thanks to the Appen TTS engine, GuildLink was the frst company in the world to
provide audio CMIs and is still one of the only ones doing it. “There’s an increase
in demand for accurate and current medicines information and being able to
provide the information in multiple ways has helped alleviate that,” says Paonne.
“Appen’s text-to-speech conversion has been pivotal in helping us provide more
information in more ways and helping patients understand what they’re taking.”

GuildLink’s pioneering service has led to partnerships with several Australian
government-sponsored websites that use the information in the company’s
database. Those include the Therapeutic Goods Administration site, and other
distributors of medicine information.

But the company doesn’t want to stop there. “To further improve accessibility,
we’d like to look into translating the CMIs into multiple languages in the future,”
says Paonne. “It’s so important that consumers have high-quality, accurate
information they can understand. Our philosophy is the more information you
give people, the better.”