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Choosing a primary care physician in the US

Video 1

Pre-watching questions:

Do you feel more comfortable with a male or female physician? Why?

Do you usually turn to friends or family when looking for recommendation for a doctor?

How would you feel if your doctor had one of the following approaches:

  • parental
  • authoritative
  • caring
  • analytical

How many office / doctor visits do you schedule per year?

What’s your BMI (check here)


Now watch the video, as you watch, pick which of the above expressions in bold are used



Post-watching questions

First fill in the gaps, then check answers (scroll down) then discuss

  1. Do you really need to make a list before going to the doctor to get the most___ of the appointment?
  2. Are check-__only for old people?
  3. What did you think generally of the ______of advice?
  4. How important is it to keep your physician __ – to – ___ with your health?



Follow-up videos

Watch the following videos. Compare the advice they all give





  1. get the most out of something
  2. a check-up(s)
  3. a piece(s) of advice
  4. keep someone up-to-date






British Elections: Brexit – healthcare – immigration – tax – education


Your ideas before reading

  • With Brexit, to what extent should Britian try remain in Eu trade, immigration and governing programs?
  • In your country, would it be a good idea to increase VAT or income tax?
  • Should your  government try to increase net migration, or should they bear down on migration? Does it matter if it is low or high skilled?
  • Should your government increase spending in your nation healthcare system? (in Britain = NHS – National Health Service)
  • Should your government make adjustments to your education system?


Read and react

Click on the link below to compare your ideas with the condervative party of Great Britian and the United Kingdom

Tory general election manifesto: key points and analysis



Your ideas before watching

  • Is your social care system complex or straightforward?
  • Does your government provide free winter fuel for everyone (to keep houses / flats warm in a cold winter)? How expensive is this? If you’re in a hot country, what about cooling?
  • When elderly people need social care, be it in a nursing home or if a social care worker comes to their house, does the family or government pay for this? E.g. if someone has dementia but the children are busy working, who pays for the social care that is given to the person with dementia?
  • Do your politicians meet their pledges?


Watch and react

Hunt’s Linguistic Choice

Read the questions and answer from memory, then watch and fill in the remaining answers. After you’ve finished, scroll down to check the answers below

  1. What describors Did Hunt use to describe the socal care system at the moment?
  2. When talking about the opposition leaders tax plan, what action does Hunt use: “that would ____ jobs for _______ , _______ families”
  3. When talking about the trade-off, why does Hunt keep saying “we’re being very open”?
  4. What expression does Hunt use to emphasize that there is no easy solution “there are no ____   ______”
  5. Hunt refers to “poor / the poorest pensiones”, what is his LC for “rich pensioners?”
  6. When talking about people losing money due to the need to pay for social care down to the last 27,000 pounds, Hunt says “the famileis will be ____ out”
  7. After talking about a negative, Hunt says “at the same time” and then lists positives. What describors does he use when listing the positives

___ cancer survival rates      /     the ____  expansion in mental health in Europe        / t       he ________ improvement in stroke and heart atack survival rate of any OECD         /  you’re seeing NHS staff working ___________ well            /           outcomes are ____________better than five years ago


For a food and diet video + activities click here





  1. Baffling and bewildering
  2. that would destroy jobs for ordinary, working families
  3. to balance the fact that he doesn’t give any specific figures, and also win votes from ordinay, working families
  4. there are no silver bullets
  5. better-off pensioners
  6. they will be cleaned out
  7. record cancer survival rates / the biggest expansion in mental health in Europe / the biggest improvement in stroke and heart atack survival rate of any OECD country . you’re seeing NHS staff working brilliantly well / outcomes are dramatically better than five years ago

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