You’re going to watch a video with Elon Musk + Tesla specialist to learn how Tesla cars use artificial intelligence (neural networks) to drive by themselves. Before watching, do two things:

1 – In this video of a self-driving car, why do you think the camera has some things in blue, some in green, some in red, yellow, purple etc..

2 – Use the internet to answer these questions in 15 minutes:

a – Why is it difficult for computers to recognize images of things like animals, trees or cars?

b – What does an artificial neural network look like? What does the human brain’s neural network look like? (CLUE: use google pictures)

c -How long does it take to train a neural network to do something like recognize a dog? How long does it take to train a little child to recognize a dog?

d – Is it easier to train the car to drive in a lane in a highway, or to drive in this situation…

e – How many cars does Tesla have in its fleet? Why is this an advantage when it comes to self driving?


35 minutes: Now watch the Tesla presentation from the Artificial Neural Network expert: (from 1 hour fifty one minutes to 2 hours twenty five mark – if you want you can continue watching the Question and answer session )