a – What exactly is a translator glossary (TG)  (also known as term bases (TB) ?

b- What is the difference between a TG / TB, translation memory (TM) and machine translation (MT)?

c – What TG / TB pre-prepared lists are already “out there on the WWW”?

d – What are possible criteria to follow when creating TGs? How much does it depend on the context / the point of view of a translator versus project manager?

e – How can you use / import into / export from TG / TB  popular CAT sites /tools? (for current ones see picture below)

f – What technical problems may arise when trying to import TG/TB?

g – what tools (platforms) exist that cater for independent TG/TB compilation? Which are currently the most popular?

h – What problems can arise once you’ve developed a large personal TG/TB?





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